Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nic Cage Inadvertently Teaches Biology to Serbs

Bizarre book covers are part of the book biz, as anyone who’s done time working in a used book store can tell you. That’s why I was amused, but certainly not surprised, to see this oddity that popped up on Twitter recently.

Nic Cage on the cover of a Serbian Biology textbook. To quote his character in Raising Arizona: " ain't Ozzie and Harriet." (Photo via Belgraded)

That’s no Photoshop gag --It’s the cover of a 1998 Biology textbook from Serbia, inexplicably emblazoned with Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter and their stolen baby from Raising Arizona.

How a pair of movie kidnappers ended up on the cover of a Serbian Biology book is up for debate, but Viktor Markovic from Belgraded (a website about Belgrade, Serbia and the Balkans) says the book’s designer told him it was “an honest mistake.”

This isn’t the first time Nicolas Cage has unexpectedly turned up on a book cover, though, as anyone who putters around on the Net reading both goofy celeb news and bookish things can tell you.

Cage as a military pyromaniac in 1814. (Photo via Buzzfeed.)

The actor --or his doppelganger, anyway,  also appears on the cover of this history book for young folks, The Story of the Burning of Washington.

This is one happy Redcoat. The Burning of Washington looks like a blast.

Maybe Cage can surpass Isaac Asimov, who (sort of) published in every category of the Dewey Decimal System, by being the first person to have his face emblazoned on a book for every category. He can certainly cross the 500s and the 900s off the list. 

Seen any weird book covers lately? Better yet, seen Nic Cage anywhere strange lately?


  1. Love Nick Cage, even if he's almost as crazy as the Serbian biology book cover. Lol!

  2. This was wacky. I was totally cracking up. I don't care what anyone says, I am a big Nicholas Cage fan--I love his films and his acting style. Now that I see him on these book covers I like him ever better. David Lynch must have had something to do with those.

    Tossing It Out

  3. But have Nicolas Cage and Asimov ever appeared on the same cover? I KNEW IT, THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON.

    You should check out Good Show Sir ( if you haven't already discovered it. They celebrate the worst in bad SF/F covers. Nic Cage is probably in there somewhere.

  4. >> was “an honest mistake.”

    I literally laughed out loud at that.

    You mean, like, as opposed to a dishonest mistake?

    This is such a strange world we live in.

    Yeah, last week I saw Nicholas Cage practicing his Karate moves on the front lawn of Graceland. Then again... maybe that was Elvis Costello.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. K.C.: Thanks for that link! A decent collection, though I have to admit I'm a bit jaded, since I see that sort of thing every day.

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