Monday, March 19, 2012

Quotable: Ensalivated Books, Multiple Exclamation Marks and More

We can’t have our noses stuck in a book all the time. Sometimes we like to stick our noses in the internet, too.  Here are some recent book-related blurbs I found while poking around the web’s best book blogs and sites that enlightened, entertained, or possibly even both. While you’re busy sticking your own nose in things, pay a visit to the articles from which these excerpts hail. Every one is recommended.

Sara Levine buys punctuation marks in bulk.

“A book is not company. We engage with it, argue with it, carry it around in our pockets and minds, are haunted by memories of it for years. But it doesn't argue back, doesn't engage, never inquires how our day has been, gives only what it wishes. Books are selfish. Everything, every word, is on their terms. That's what I like about them.” 

From Rick Gekoski at The Guardian: ‘Some of My Best Friends Are Books’  

“And thus was born The Legendary Licked Book of Epic Confusion, the only book in the world signed and licked by fifteen fantastic science fiction and fantasy authors (and my wife).”

From sci-fi author John Scalzi’s blog. Go ahead and click. You know you’re curious about the context. It’s a doozy.

“I’m partial, I confess, to a book with exclamation points in its title. It’s the excitement, the urgency, the exuberance they bring to a page. Imagine if other people had used them: “War and Peace!!!” “The Breast!!!” You’d expect a completely different book.”

From Rebecca Barry’s New York Times review of Sara Levine’s Treasure Island!!! (Personally, I come down on the side of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who felt that exclamation points are like laughing at your own joke.)

“Dear Rod Rees, please go look up  “deus ex machina” and then never write again.” 

Nico Vreeland’s review of Rod Rees’ The Demi-Monde: Winter is forked of tongue, but well supported and thorough. See if you agree with the assessment.

“i tripped over a large air pocket on my bedroom floor and bashed my skull into the corner of my bookcase, which had three shelves and was faux wood veneer. after i applied cold compresses and stanched most of the bleeding, i drove to school, but they must have moved the school building across town. i chuckled to myself, darn school moving people!”

This spoof of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight serves as a review for a user known simply as “Brian” on the GoodReads site. Though it’s from 2009, the whole thing is hilariously spot-on. 

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