Sunday, June 16, 2013

When Comic Books and Children’s Books Collide

The folks at the Comics Should Be Good site have a pretty simple philosophy: they believe, as their name says, that comics should be good. While the site does a deft job of covering the comics scene, the most magical things happen at their Twitter feed. (Check it out.)

In a weekly feature called The Line It Is Drawn, a topic is thrown out to Twitter followers who come up with their own suggestions. CSBG’s very talented sketch artists draw their favorites. The results are always good at the very least, awesome at their best.

Case in point: a recent challenge to create “Rejected children’s books starring comic book characters.” My favorites are below. Visit Comics Should Be Good to see the full selection. 

Are You There God? It's Me, Rogue. Artwork by Robert Rath.
Are You My Modok? Artwork by Brendan Tobin.
The Very Hungry Galactus. Artwork by Josh Gowdy.

What children’s book/comic book combos would you like to see? While it’s too late to submit to this round, be sure and check out the CSBG Twitter feed, and you might see your idea come to life in a future challenge.


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