Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Michael Jackson Spotted on the Cover of an Old Danish Novel

Regular Book Dirt readers will remember when a George W. Bush lookalike was clocked on the front of a pulp-era paperback. And then there’s the time the real Nic Cage turned up on the cover of a Serbian Biology textbook for reasons no one quite understands. 

This time it’s Michael Jackson who’s been found on a book cover, spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user (user name: Rexmeister) who did a double take when an elderly Danish woman he assists was reading the novel.

Michael Jackson: singer, actor ... artist's model? (Reddit user: Rexmeister)

Though the character, an artist’s model, is female, most of the Redditors agreed that the hair, makeup, and facial structure bear an uncanny resemblance to a post-plastic surgery Michael Jackson.

The book Michael seems to have time-traveled his way onto is Ikke af Brød Alene, by A.J. Cronin. Though the title literally translates to By Bread Alone, the original English version of the book is A Thing of Beauty. The plot concerns a painter who sacrifices everything for his art.

Title page to the Danish novel on which Michael Jackson's doppelganger appears. (Reddit user: Rexmeister)

A.J. Cronin, if you don’t know, was a Scottish novelist whose 1937 book The Citadel takes some of the credit for the establishment of the UK’s National Health Service, as it exposed the inadequacies of medical practice at the time. The Stars Look Down inspired the movie Billy Elliot.

Cronin died in 1981, a year before Thriller hit the charts.

What say you? Does the cover model resemble Michael Jackson? Who wins the Best Doppelganger Spotted on a Book Cover Contest so far: Michael Jackson, George W., or Nic Cage?



  1. I kept starting at the artist, and thinking, what are you smokin?

    Then I looked at the crittter in the dress. Spot-on Michael Jackson. Hlarious!

  2. I haven't seen the other two yet, but can they match the fidelity of this one? (MJ with just a touch of Anne Hathaway.)

    1. The George Bush one is spot-on, in my opinion. There are two Nic Cage ones -- one is the actual, factual Nic Cage. The other is a doppelganger in a British Revolutionary uniform.

  3. Hm, on second view, her hands are "normally" pinkish...might this have been Jacksonfied after the fact? (I might just have like the Jackson Fied better than any of the solo work...)

    1. You made me look at the picture again, and the thing that's irking me now is: who uses a dustpan from a sitting position?