Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Needful Things: Literary Wrapping Paper

I’m a sucker for pretty paper, and that extends beyond old books to include antique maps, vintage brochures, postcards, and—yes—even wrapping paper. On the rare occasions when I can find book-related gift wrap, I get pretty excited. The Literary Gift Company’s selection has me darn near salivating.

The book-related gift site has several gift wrap designs printed with shelves of antique books, including one featuring Victorian children’s novels that would make a fine holiday gift wrap. 

Gift wrap sheet from The Literary Gift Company.

For any occasion, check out the lovely gift wrap based on beautiful endpapers. The designs no longer have to be hidden away inside book covers.

Gift wrap based on vintage book endpaper designs.

UK-based readers will likely feel nostalgic for the wrapping paper printed with old Ladybird covers. There are several different themed Ladybird designs.

Ladybird non-fiction covers.

I’m also digging the wrapping paper with a vintage typewriter motif.

Perfect for writers and/or geezers.

The gift wrap is sold by the single sheet, but the unit price goes down as you buy multiples. You can toggle the prices in the bottom right corner to display as UK or US.

Which design is your favorite? Is there a book motif you think would make for nice gift wrap?


  1. That last one, with the Qwerty keyboards? I can SOOOO see it as fabric on an upholstered chair in a writer's den.

    The endpaper ones are nice, but I would love to get something wrapped in modern romance covers (all chests and abs, all the time). This would give new life to my previously discarded family tradition - ever so carefully opening the wrapping and removing the tape, so it could be fondled and licked - I mean, stored to be re-used, another time.

    1. Ooh, that would make a nice fabric print. I'm going to try NOT to imagine you licking the wrapping paper.

  2. This is fabulous. Must go and look around.

  3. The typewriter motif is the one I would go for but they are all very pretty - thanks Kelly, looks like Christmas is inescapable!