Monday, December 16, 2013

The Free Bin: 8 Reasons Abraham Lincoln Would Be Great at Links

I use Grammarly's free plagiarism checker because, while I may be a fan of crime novels, I don’t much care for word theft. Here are some other links I’ve found while cruising the streets of the web and busting thugs.

This and 999,999,999 more images are free, thanks to the British Library.

  • This blog post title generator lets you put in a blog topic, and it then generates click-worthy title ideas. It could be handy for the right kind of posts, but I found the results to be humorous for a (sometimes) serious blog. For an example, check the title of this post.

  • The British Library has uploaded a ton of public domain images to Flickr for public use—more than a million, in fact. It’s worth perusing, though be warned: it’s a real time suck. I got caught up looking at illustrations for old penny-dreadful murder stories after I grabbed the image of Lincoln.

  • If you’ve ever wanted to know what the most popular books among inmates in a Scottish prison are, your wish has been granted. Librarians all across the jail system weigh in on the reading habits of the incarcerated.

  • To put you in the holiday mood, The Bloody Pit of Rod has a neat little collection of Santa-themed comic book covers, with at least one Krampus appearance.

  • Have we lost more than innocence in this era of vulgarity? This Wall Street Journal piece by Lee Siegel is my favorite thing I’ve read all week. It’s not a whine about morality, but more of a dirge for the vicarious thrill. When everything’s so dirty, the thrill of real transgression is more elusive.

  • Weird Tales is open for submissions “for a while,” says the editor. Upcoming themes include Nikola Tesla, as well as an issue devoted to frigid environments.

Have fun web-hopping. Let me know if you visit and enjoy any of the links. Tell ‘em Book Dirt sent you.


  1. Kelly, thanks for the links, especially the ones at The British Library. I could look at vintage pictures and illustrations all day. The Santa comic books site is another I'll be checking out.

  2. Thanks Kelly, especially for those Santa comic book covers - they really are somthing else ...

  3. Excellent selections, Kelly! I've bookmarked the vintage illustrations and I will use the Scottish prison readers for my Read Scotland challenge!