Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 Vintage Valentines for Readers and Writers

Nobody did puns like the writers of old valentines. "Wooden shoe" be my valentine, there's "mushroom" in my heart for you, I "yarn" for you: classics, all. Any item that could be punned upon could end up on a card, from clams to refrigerators.

It should be no surprise, then, that tons of vintage valentines sported a book theme. Even more featured typewriters, and there were even a few library jokes, and a journalism jab or two.

Here are some of the best book-themed valentines to send in emails, tweet, or share on your Facebook. Click to enlarge.

'Twould take volumes.

And they say print is dead.
Not specifically book-related, but a great card for crime fans.
A saucy card with a journalism theme.
Sappiness for book lovers.
Don't forget your librarian on Valentine's Day.
Even short shorts and a bowtie can get the girls, provided you also like books.
My heart is an open book.
"Just my type" turns up on hundreds of old valentines.
Another version of "just my type."

Can you think of some book-related Valentine puns that aren't represented? Post them, and when time travel is invented, we'll have steady jobs as card writers.


  1. Some of these are very amusing, thatnks Kelly. Having said that, is it just me or is there something discocerting now about the association of small children with Valentine's Day?

  2. Very interesting. I remember giving Valentine's like these in grammar school. And I love the one with the guy with the gun. This inspired me to go looking for Katy Keene valentines. Wish I had all my old comic books.


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