Monday, August 4, 2014

The Free Bin: Unidentified Film, New Stephen King Projects, and Writing Opportunities

Stuff I’ve been doing, stuff I’m excited about, and stuff I’ve been reading. A little less book-centric than usual, but all (I hope) of interest.

  • I recently attended an event I’d been anticipating all year long: The Mostly Lost festival held by the Library of Congress’ film preservation center in Culpeper, VA. For three days, attendees viewed films (and film fragments) that are unidentified, in an attempt to properly label and archive them. Audience members were encouraged to yell out anything that could be of use to I.D. the films, from actors’ names to locations. Fashion trends and car models even helped zone in on a time frame for some films. It was a great chance to see some pretty obscure film with others who still appreciate the language of the silents. NPR did a story on the event, and I highly recommend listening to the audio segment. (You can also spot me in the back right of one of the photos on the site.)

The audience attempts to identify a '20s-ish film with Masonic overtones. Is it German? Russian?

  • If you’re unfamiliar with Lucy Morgan, the twice-retired, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and asskicker of Florida media, check out this interview. Don’t miss her explanation of how she was dragged into the newspaper biz because she checked out a lot of library books. 

  • Here’s a list of every Stephen King-inspired TV and movie project currently in development. Some might be dubious (an It remake), but a few are particularly exciting (a Joyland film, a Shining prequel). Hat tip to Bill Crider’s blog. 

  • I love to read what great writers have to say about the work of others, which is why this piece on J.G. Ballard’s Crash is such a provoking one. Zadie Smith examines why she was initially repulsed by the novel, and how she ultimately came to understand it. Worth a read even if you’re only familiar with one of the two writers, but especially worth a read if you enjoy them both.

  • Ben and Emily Dreyfuss chat about the ridiculousness of Jaws, one of their famous father’s best-known films. The whole conversation at Mother Jones is a hoot. 

  • If you’re a writer as well as a reader, you might appreciate that the Book Dirt Facebook page is now posting calls for submissions along with other book-related content. Click “like” on the sidebar to make sure you see all the calls.

Let me know if you’ve enjoyed any of these links, or what you yourself are busy doing/writing/reading.


  1. For the hell of it, I swiped the Smith link for FFB.

  2. Thanks Kelly, some wonderful things here - are you now officially "back"? because if so, we're all better off that way :)

    1. I am! And with some (I think) exciting news. Check my latest post for a blog announcement.

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