Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10 Worst Typos and Errors of the Year for 2014

As TV and print newsrooms cut staff down to the bare bones, egregious mistakes seem to be on the rise. Some of them seem so obvious that you’d think even a staff of one would notice, but, as these gaffes show, almost anything can slip by. Here are ten of the worst slip-ups, especially in terms of embarrassment, collected throughout the year as I’ve come across them—presented in reverse order so you can ease into the hilarity.

#10) Education, schmeducation.

via The Independent

Salesian College says they didn’t see this supplement’s cover before it went to press, laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of the local Star Courier. Whoever is to blame, the cringe factor is high.

# 9) They’re coming for our typefaces.

via Newscaststudio 

CNN viewers were probably perplexed after reading that rebels were targeting fonts, although most agreed that they hoped one of them was comic sans. 

#8) Team vasectomy.

via Sporting News

 It sounds like an extreme overreaction to a loss, but in this case, the Miami Heat actually won—though you wouldn’t know it from the headline. (The word in question was obviously meant to be Nets.)

#7) Rhymes with “literal.”

via USA Today 

zoom via Book Dirt—cuz I know what’s important.

It’s one thing to make a typographical error that accidentally refers to female anatomy. It’s quite another to make that error in an official government proclamation. The office of the Nevada governor has since apologized—does that mean they don’t care about these particular resources?

#6) What’s the butt chill factor?

The Kansas City TV station responsible for this graphic claims an extra ‘s’ was added, but we all know that thirty degrees in fact doesn’t qualify as ass cold—so it’s not really much of an error.

#5) Clappy New Year!

via The Drum

They still haven’t topped calling  for a moment’s violence during the Queen Mum’s funeral, but you can’t say the BBC isn’t trying. Their mangling of the Chinese year of the horse just might keep them on the map.

#4) Say it ain’t so, Bill!

via Jim Romenesko

This one, courtesy of a news station in Huntsville, AL, makes its own jokes. Have at it. (And don’t forget to make at least one about “alligations” as well.)

#3) Copy editor’s job may be pretty screwed, too.

via The Guardian

The explanation for this insane front page of the Australian Financial Review is that an early mock-up was accidentally published. “The world is fukt,” along with the other mangled headlines, is supposedly an error, then. Personally, I’m not so sure.

#2) Lucky fan.

via Sportress of Blogitude

While this isn’t technically a typo (“fan,” as I’ve come to learn, also means “to strike out”), the meaning of the sentence is so unclear as to suggest something much more lewd.

#1) Whatting the commentators?

via The Daily Edge 

I’ve been waiting all year to share this one, which appeared in The Guardian in January, much to their embarrassment. (They fixed it soon after.) The word they wanted is ranking.

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  1. #4 and #5 tie for the funniest, IMO. The front page mock up error is monumentally bad. How did *no one* catch that? Were all the brains on vacation that day? "The world is fukt." You can say that again!

    1. It's funny how everyone likes different ones best. I should probably give up numbering them, but I do have my own favorites.

  2. I kinda like the one about the mets blowing a fan 18 times during a game. No wonder they lost!

  3. Amazing, and very funny. No. 3 is my favorite.

  4. Hilarious. I like the one #9 with the "fonts". Are we sure that the "Not ass cold" is a typo? I mean, it does make sense.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Ha, yeah. Even in the South, I'm familiar with the concept of "ass cold."

  5. So funny! I never even pick up on these things. I loved #7 and #6. Maybe it was just 'one cheek cold'?

  6. It didn't happen in 2014, but around 2007 or 2008 the LBJ School of Public Affairs at University of Texas at Austin printed its commencement program as the "LBJ School of Pubic Affairs" and this got a lot of play on local media. pretty funny, since shortly before I had worked as an editor in the school's publications dept., and this was always the dreaded Typo That Dare Not Say Its Name we all feared might strike if we ever let down our guard. In 2006 the entire dept. was sacked by a new cost-cutting dean, so it was with much schadenfreude that I viewed this little episode. Justice served, in a small way.

  7. Some of those are just priceless Kelly - and yeah, it should be the year of the whore, absolutely - let' space it, we've all been there one way or another :)

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